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Criterion 2 narrative: a discussion of my scholarship and creative work

Recovery Narratives Project

The Recovery Narratives Project (RNP) has been running since 2017. Below is a timeline of the phases of the project and a sample interview. Further down, under “Conference Presentations,” you’ll find a 2020 presentation of preliminary results.

Recovery Narratives Project Timeline

Some participants choose to have their interviews made available online. This is a recording from a participant from India who gave informed consent to online publication. I deeply appreciate his insights and his willingness to share them.

2019 RNP Interview

Understanding and Responding to Mass Incarceration (URMI)

Co-produced by Dr. Raj Sethuraju and me, URMI has become well known both within and beyond the Metro community. The pandemic-related shift from an in-person (2014-2019) event to an online (2021) series went well and offered new opportunities for getting connected to advocacy efforts.

URMI 2019 Materials

URMI 2021 Materials

Library Guide to URMI

Our faculty colleagues in the Library have created a Library Guide (libguide) to URMI. It includes announcements, resources and recordings. It is their work, not mine; I provide it to let you know that we have another way for URMI to reach the community.

Conference Presentations

Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health (MARRCH) 2020

This is the presentation of preliminary RNP results referenced above.

MARRCH 2020 Presentation

Joint Conference of NAADAC: The Association For Addiction Professionals and the International Coalition for Addiction Studies Education (INCASE) 2018

NAADAC and INCASE co-conference each year. The below is from the INCASE track at the 2018 conference.

Sabbatical Presentations

Shillong, Meghalaya, India

I was invited to be the resource person (keynote speaker) at a World Mental Health Day (WMHD) event in Umsning. I spoke on suicide prevention, the 2019 WMHD theme. To my surprise, it made the local newspaper. (language: Khasi)

I provided a training to peer support workers at my host organization, the Manbha Foundation. As Manbha is underresourced, it was helpful to have the presentation be brief and laid out simply and in black and white.

The first photo below is of WMHD event participants. The second and third are from another keynote presentation I provided, this one at St. Mary’s University in Shillong, an overview of mental health and substance use disorders.

Nicosia, Cyprus

The Cyprus portion of my sabbatical work was in March 2020, and so had to be cut short due to pandemic considerations. Four presentations were scheduled and three more in the process of being scheduled. I gave one; the rest were cancelled. The one I did give, at Green Crescent, is below, followed by an image from their Facebook page.

Two of my cancelled presentations were planned for university classes in the northern part of Cyprus. Once I returned home, I recorded a 90-minute video of the talk and shared it with the planners for use in classes.

Cyprus: Green Crescent FaceBook post image