Effectiveness in Teaching and Other Assignments

Narrative and Documentation on Demonstrated Ability to Teach Effectively and/or Perform Effectively in Other Current Assignments

Criterion 1 narrative: a discussion of my work and effectiveness in teaching and other assignments


Courses Taught

A Summary of Courses, Ratings and Student Feedback

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I teach 590G and 603 in fall semester, 620 in spring and 200 in both. I teach other courses, FDIS and SDIS as needed.

Sample Course Documents

Syllabus, Assignment Handouts and Course Overview Presentation

COVID-19: Implementation of Innovations

VoiceThread is one of several tools I use in remote teaching. Another is Flipgrid, an example of which is found on the Students page. These VoiceThreads are offered as examples of how I’ve engaged students in remote asynchronous learning. It is not my expectation that you will watch them in full; I invite you to scroll through and get a flavor of the work.

HSCD 620, Psychopharmacology: Neurotransmitters (21 mins) This is an example of a graduate-level lecture that provides an in-depth look at a course topic. In the VoiceThread format, students can comment on any slide(s) they like, whether to the instructor or classmates, thus allowing asynchronous q&a and discussion.
HSCD 603, Ethics and Professional Practice: What Could Go Wrong? (4 min) This is an example of using VoiceThread for student discussion. Students can respond to the prompt and each other by video, audio or text. This is a more dynamic asynchronous discussion format than text-based D2L discussion forums.
HSCD 590G, Introduction to Substance Use and Co-occurring Disorders: DSM-5 Overview (26 min) This is an example of an overview lecture that introduces the diagnostic system used in counseling. It is the first of a series of three and sets the stage for both asynchronous and remote synchronous discussion and elaboration.
HSCD 200, Pharmacology of Addictive Drugs: Abstinence Project (19 min) Created for a fully asynchronous course, this is an example of an assignment overview. It walks students through assignment handout and expectations. When I respond here to student questions and comments, my responses are available to the entire class, and remain available throughout the semester.

Qualitative Data from Student Evaluations

January 25, 2022

“Dr. Libby was available, honest and open. I really enjoy her quirky humor and that she is a human and not afraid to show it.”

(I will forever treasure the feedback that my class was “not unbearable.”)

Sabbatical Teaching

My sabbatical time in Shillong, Meghalaya, India (Oct-Nov 2019) was extraordinary. At Martin Luther Christian University, along with teaching in two departments, I consulted extensively with the Psychology Department faculty on their undergraduate degree in psychology and graduate degree in counseling. See the Scholarship page for additional work in Shillong.

Below is the slide deck from the Psychology Dept classes I taught.

left: with MLCU administrator and Psychology Dept chair, faculty and graduate assistants; middle, Social Work students; right, teaching Social Work students