Therissa A. Libby

Addiction Science Educator and Author

Here is some of my published work.

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Hazelden included me in this DVD series because of my knowledge of both the neuroscience of addiction and the clinical work of addictions counseling. I appear most extensively on the second DVD, which goes into the greatest depth regarding neurobiology. This series is intended for a wide audience, including medical professionals, treatment professionals, individuals and families in treatment and recovery, and the general public. The full set can be purchased

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I co-authored, with Humberto Fernandez, the second edition of Heroin: Its History, Pharmacology and Treatment. This definitive text reviews what heroin is, what its mechanisms of action are, how it devastates lives and communities, and what can be done in response. It includes perspectives on treatments, criminal justice issues, media representations, HIV and hepatitis B and C, and more key topics related to heroin use and addiction. To order, please visit the Hazelden website


Also published in 2011, Sage’s Encyclopedia of Drug Policy covers a wide variety of issues related to U.S. and international drug policy. This volume was edited by Mark A. R. Kleiman and James E. Hawdon; I authored the entries on Buprenorphine and Twelve-Step Programs. Purchase the Encyclopedia here.


The Encyclopedia of Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery, edited by Gary L. Fisher and Nancy A. Roget, is also available from SAGE Publications. I contributed the entries on Brief Interventions, Outpatient Treatment, and Stigma. The Encyclopedia can be purchased from the publisher


The booklet Heroin: The Basics is available from Hazelden Publishing. Heroin: The Basics is a resource for clinicians, clients and families, offering current information on heroin use, addiction and treatment. It addresses the scientific and practical realities of heroin addiction, and thus may also be useful to community leaders, policymakers, and anyone concerned about addiction. Copies of Heroin: The Basics are available for purchase from Hazelden