T.A. Libby Travel and Work 2019-2020


What is an academic sabbatical? It’s an opportunity for a faculty or staff member to engage with work in a different way. It might be by teaching or engaging in research or community-based activities in a new institution or locale, often in collaboration with colleagues in that place. It could make room for completing key tasks, such as a book or research article, that advance both field and career, or otherwise focusing in on a specific project or activity. In short, it’s an opportunity create or pursue something outside the routine duties of the job, something for which said routine duties don’t allow time and attention. Also: rest.

I’m Therissa Libby. I’ve been teaching counseling at Metropolitan State University, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, since August 2013. I’m currently completing an academic sabbatical. It’s a great privilege and, thus far, a powerful experience. I’m here to share it with you. Here you can find some of my background, activities I’m engaging in while on sabbatical, and video blog entries about my experiences. And the map! Look below for the interactive map, which helps document my travels.

I’m out there on social media, too, of course. I’ve posted a number of updates and photos on my professional Facebook page. My Instagram feed is made up of 30-second videos that I find meditative and hope you will, too. At this point, my professional Twitter feed is pretty much occasional announcements; more will follow there in the future, no doubt including exhortations to read the entirety of threads that I retweet.¬†

Thanks for visiting and please don’t hesitate to email me with feedback.

About the Map

This interactive map shows my travels in detail. While you could look at every location, the intention here is to allow you to pick and choose. Zoom in and look around. Which locations are of most interest to you? Which do you know the least about? Which do you hope to visit someday? In the current publication, you can hover over any of the locations and find out where I was (or will be) and when. I will update the map to include pictures, commentary and other features. I’ll also be encouraging you to explore the places I stayed the longest and found most enriching. Please come back from time to time to see what’s new. Note: All July-December dates are in 2019, January-June in 2020.