Recovery Narratives Project

TA Libby in recording studio

In the COL studio, where Recovery Narratives interviews are recorded. I am with Andrew Marz of COL, not a research participant.

Recovery Narratives Website

The Recovery Narratives Project is an inquiry into the lived experience of people in recovery from substance use and/or mental health disorders and/or their family effects. Semi-structured interviews can be used for qualitative analysis, podcast episodes or both. How they are used depends on the consent of each participant. It is a collaborative project with Minnesota Recovery Connection, and I am pleased to have been awarded a Community-Engaged Scholarship grant to advance its development in spring 2017. Please see the project website for more details.

image of RNP components


image of recovery narratives website
More information from the Recovery Narratives website 

Community-Engagement Scholarship Award (CES)


CES Award Certificate
Text taken from email from Jodi awarding the CES funding.

“Shifting Conversation from Stigmatizing to Celebratory”

T.A. Libby
Audio file -- T.A. Libby Speech
T.A. Libby on Recovery Narratives Project (RNP) at President’s Reception










CES RFP Application




CES RNP Final Report



CES RNP Final Report Response



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