University Service

Human Subjects Review Board

IRB Net Logo image

  • Member since AY 14
  • Chair-elect spring 2017
  • Assisted with implementation of IRBNet
  • Began three-year term as chair June 2017
  • HSRB reviews ~80 applications/year

HSRB Chair Duties


Anti-Racism Leadership Team                             Racial Issues Graduation Requirement website photo

  • Active member AY 15 and AY16
  • Assisted with spring 2015 forum and spring 2016 summit
  • Twice nominated to serve as ARLT co-chair
  • Served on ARLT during passage of Racial Issues Graduation Requirement

RIGR Resources Website

Spring 2015 Anti-Racism Forum: What Would Mandela Do?

February 2016, University Diversity Council Summit

Graduate Programs Committee

  • Member since AY15 representing two programs
  • Gained valuable input from other graduate program directors regarding design and implementation
  • Active participant in GPC meetings and Graduate Council

Inter Faculty Organization (IFO) Convener

“The Inter Faculty Organization (IFO) is a union that takes professional responsibility for excellent, accessible, and inclusive public higher education in Minnesota and beyond.  The IFO represents the interests, welfare, and aspirations of all faculty of the seven state universities of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system through collective bargaining, contract enforcement, and advocacy.” –

  • College of Community Studies and Public Affairs Convener/Representative to Council for AY17
  • College of Health, Community and Professional Studies Notetaker for AY15
  • Active member and participant AY14 to present

Other Demonstrations of Service

Informational PowerPoint for CHCPS 2014 Open House

International Visitor Leadership Program

On Thursday, December 12, faculty and staff from the Alcohol and Drug Counseling Program hosted seven emerging international leaders from Latin America who were visiting the United States as part of the US Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). Their project entitled “U.S. Drug Control Policy and Demand Reduction Effort”, examined U.S. Strategies to address the problem of illicit drug use in the U.S, with primary focus on demand reduction efforts; Provided an overview of the U.S. response, both public and private, to illicit drug use, including education strategies and treatment at the national, state and local levels; and Demonstrated the diversity of drug abuse prevention and education initiatives through partnerships among key stakeholders. Participants learned how alcohol and drug counseling professionals are educated through the curriculum and educational requirements of Metropolitan State University’s Alcohol and Drug Counseling academic program. Discussions included evidence-based practices, prevention curriculum, and licensure requirements. The delegation was very impressed with our positioning in the community, the uniqueness of our adult learning model and our reach to diverse communities, and looks forward to future collaborations. From the CHCPS News, January 24, 2014

ADC photo
ADC Faculty/Staff with guests Roberto Canay (Argentina), Adolfo Pardo Jimenez (Chile), Rodolfo Colindres Erazo (Honduras), Lizbeth Rivas Rodriguez (Panama), Karla Martinez Beltran (Peru), Jose Servitad Ferraiz (Venezuela) and Carlos Villarino Ballestero (Venezuela)








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