The Recovery Narratives Project

What is recovery? That’s the question that started me on this project. I wanted to know what makes recovery possible and what recovery makes possible, and I wanted to learn it from those who live it. The project website has lots more about its purposes and procedures.

I started working on the project in early 2016 and began doing interviews in 2017. I’ve collected 43 interviews in the US and consider these interviews Phase 1. The related sabbatical task is qualitative analysis of the interviews. That means that I am employing methods that let me distinguish patterns or themes among the interview responses. I’m using an approach that arises from phenomenology

Phase 2 of the project and its associated task consist of interviews in other countries. I am privileged to learn not only about individuals’ recovery experience but at least a bit of the context of that experience. Localities in which I have done do in-person interviews include 

  • Cork, Ireland
  • Shillong, India
  • Osaka and Yokohama, Japan
  • Vancouver, Canada 
  • Auckland, New Zealand

My travel ended early due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While traveling, and in preparation for travel that was shortened or cancelled, I have been laying the groundwork for distance interviews. I’ve already completed interviews with folks in Auckland (New Zealand), Bristol (England) and Kathmandu (Nepal). I hope to do many more. I’m even preparing to do interviews in other languages; thanks to a small award from my institution, my research materials have been translated into Khasi, Japanese and Spanish. These are exciting times for the project and I’m eager to see what arises in the analysis down the road.

And those countries I didn’t get to visit? Even though sabbatical ends June 30th, there will be opportunities to visit them down the road.